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Battery Polarity Stickers

A sheet of 67mm X 8mm vinyl stickers with permanent adhesive designed to fit into Keystone 18650 battery sled apertures although they can be used anywhere that you need to clearly show the orientation of a battery.

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Infiniohm Switchfet V2.5


The Switchfet v2.5 from Infiniohm



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The Switchfet v2.5 from Infiniohm is an all in one solution to providing mosfet switched capability for bottom feeding personal vaporizers that use lithium-ion cells, without compromising space owing to its small footprint, allowing you to build clutter free internals.
Power consumption is practically zero when not switched.
The board incorporates a voltage supervisory circuit which monitors the input voltage
Which enables under voltage lockout when the input voltage falls below 2.7 volts.

We have packs of 0 ohm resistors should you wish to use the wiring diagram below.

The assembly is very simple using three wires of adequate thickness for single cell operation
Negative input & Negative 510 output has been designed for 18 AWG, the positive input will accept 24 AWG though smaller gauge is acceptable.

Operation is very simple by pressing the onboard switch.

The board has Reverse polarity protection onboard and will autofire when cell is installed in reverse.

Although there is a 100A mosfet fitted, due to board limitations of size there is an amperage limit of 50 Amps.

Footprint:-   13mm x 13mm x 4.2mm
Mosfet:- 30v 100A LFPAK, RDSon 1.35m Ω (typ), VGS(th) 1.46v (typ)
Operational voltage:-   2.7v - 4.20v
Battery cut-off :- 2.7v
Idle current :-   typical 1.3μA max 3.3μA
Reverse polarity protection :- Yes
Board amperage Limit :- 50A

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