Brexit Information

The UK left the the EU on 31 January 2020, but agreed to keep many things the same until 31 December including VAT & customs declarations but as of 1st January 2021 there are changes that we have to make for EU customers.

There will be 2 big changes to customers.

1: You will see lower prices on ModMaker as we will no longer collect VAT from you.
2: We will submit information about your order on the packages that will give your customs the information to charge you import tax on your order if any import tax is due.

International Shipping

If you select Royal Mail delivery for your order we will affix either a CN22 (Under £270) label or a CN23 (Over £270) sheet with your package.

The CN22 is a basic small label saying Hobby Parts Kit as we are unable to itemise your order onto this size label and will contain the total weight and the total value along with your address.

The CN23 is an itemised sheet listing the item names, their weights and their prices along with the total weight, total cost, shipping cost and your shipping information.

Royal Mail CN22 / CN23 information page

Royal Mail uses your local post service when it gets to your country so they will contact you requiring payment for import duty for your order before delivery if there is any import duty due.

DHL have had systems in place for a while now to handle customs declarations where we simply upload your invoice to their system and they streamline the importation process. In the past they will deliver and then invoice you the import duty after. We will soon see if this is still the case after the 1st January.


This basically means we will invoice and charge customers in the EU 0% VAT the same as we have been doing for countries outside the EU for many years so you may be required to pay import duty but you will see lower, VAT free prices on ModMaker. If you have any questions about this information please contact us and we will try to make these changes as clear and understandable as possible.