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MM ClickFet v1

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ClickFet v1 is an un-regulated board for use with up to 4.2v battery configurations and designed to fit in the smallest space possible.

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MM510 Connectors
MM510 Connectors

MM510 Connectors

Following on from Fat Daddy Vapes and the original spring loaded 510 we have improved how the 510 works and performs. The MM510 is the original leak resistant 510 using gaskets and strong wave spring tension to make the 510 work better.

The original MM510 V1 changed modding with these features and was massively adopted by most when it was released and for that we are extremely proud. To this day I'm yet to have one of these 510s fail and there are approximately 250,000 mods out there with MM510 installed.

Since V1 we have released the Micro range which has a smaller 10mm shaft and wave spring delivering even more tension to the positive pin. This model has strongest spring of any 510 out there along with the leak resistant gaskets and superior glass filled peek insulators make the MM510 the best 510 money can buy.

We also have a range of washers to customize the size of the 16mm 510s from 18mm to 30mm in black anodized aluminum, brass and stainless steel. We also have 22mm black and stainless versions of the MM510 Micro range along with screw attach versions for when access to the tightening nut is a problem.

We look forward to bringing out new designs in the future and thank the modding world for their support.

There's more to come so watch this space.

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