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LED Switches
LED Switches

LED Switches

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Ref: 230

16mm Red LED Stainless Steel Illuminated Switch With Flat Raised Actuator

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Quality stainless steel ring illuminated momentary switch. The photo doesn`t do the color justice. It is much redder in real life.The body of the switch is 16mm long from the underside of the bezel to the start of the contacts and 20mm to the end of the contacts.Please make sure you use a resistor when using this switch or you could blow the LED. We have...

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Ref: 45

LED Tactile Switches

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Please remember to use a resistor when connecting these switches to a power source. We tested with a 470ohm resistor and a 4.2v battery and they lit up very nicely.These switches have 6 pins and 2 of those power the LED.The unit is 12mm x 12mm x 7mm.The actuator has a 7mm diameter.

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