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Battery Polarity Stickers

A sheet of 67mm X 8mm vinyl stickers with permanent adhesive designed to fit into Keystone 18650 battery sled apertures although they can be used anywhere that you need to clearly show the orientation of a battery.

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MM PWM DIY PCB (Un-populated)


Unpopulated MM PWM DIY PCB



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Here is our no idle drain P-Fet buffered DIY PWM PCB. A lovely little board approx 31mm x 15mm unpopuated.

A great little high powered Pulse Width Modulation regulated board can be made with some simple soldering.

Please note, this is for the PCB only WITHOUT components.

You will require the following components to populate the PCB:

A suitable N-Channel Mosfet. These models are good for the job:
1 x Suitable P-Channel Mosfet: SPD09P0PL G:
1 x 555 Timer:
1 x 0.01uF Capacitor:
1 x 0.1uF Capacitor:
1 x 1K Resistor:
1 x 15K Resistor:
2 x Diodes:

A full guide to assembly can be found here:


Assembly Guide

MMPWM DIY PCB Assembly Guide.pdf
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