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Battery Polarity Stickers

A sheet of 67mm X 8mm vinyl stickers with permanent adhesive designed to fit into Keystone 18650 battery sled apertures although they can be used anywhere that you need to clearly show the orientation of a battery.

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Revival Mech 21700 V1.1


ModMaker Revival Mechanical Mod 21700 V1



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Version 1.1 comes with an updated positive screw with 2 flat faces and the 2 510s have 2 holes inside to make it easier to unsrew if it becomes stuck to the atomiser.

We have designed, manufactured and finished the Revival mech mod, addressing all the shortcomings we observed in previously released mechanical mods. Our goal was to create the ultimate mechanical mod in the most compact form possible. The mod is 25mm diameter and 88mm long and is a hybrid mod, ingeniously designed with a petite footprint, utilizing 304 stainless steel and copper to ensure outstanding conductivity. Its ergonomic body features precise indentations that fit comfortably in your hand, while the multiple spring options allow you to customize the button's stiffness to your preference. Hand polished, assembled and packaged by me for quality control.

Drawing upon my extensive experience with mech mods dating back to 2013, I can confidently say that this is the finest mechanical mod I've ever used. While my opinion may seem biased, it's based on genuine satisfaction with the product. In this version, we've included an additional 510 section to seamlessly transition to 22mm atomizers and provided extra springs to cater to individual preferences. Personally, I favor the softest spring option, as it offers a gentler feel on the fingers when making a connection. I encourage you to explore the various options and discover what suits you best.

However, it's important to note that using a hybrid mechanical mod also entails essential safety precautions. Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure your safety:

  1. Atomizers should always feature a protruding positive pin to prevent contact between the positive and negative sides. If your atomizer lacks this feature, it is not suitable for use with a mechanical mod.

  2. Always check your coil's resistance with a dedicated checker before attaching it to the mod and using it.

  3. Make sure to securely attach the atomizer to the mod before inserting the battery. Although the 510 section has a chamfer to prevent shorts, it's a best practice to prioritize safety.

  4. Ensure that your battery wraps are intact, especially at the positive end. Utilize a well-maintained wrap and ring for added safety. If your battery shows signs of damage, replace it promptly. It's not worth risking your safety with damaged batteries, especially considering their affordability.

  5. Verify that your battery's current rating is sufficient for the coil resistance. Having a basic understanding of Ohm's law can be immensely helpful in this regard. The Molicell P45B batteries are an excellent choice due to their high amp rating.

  6. Avoid over-depleting your battery. When you notice a decrease in power, it's time to recharge. To prolong your battery's lifespan, recharge it before it reaches 3 volts.

By following these guidelines, you can confidently enjoy using a mod that will stand the test of time, all while prioritizing safety.

Here are some examples of different size mods. I think you will see that I love Goons, but most atomisers will look great on this mod.

ModMaker Revival Mech Mod with Goons

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