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Battery Polarity Stickers

A sheet of 67mm X 8mm vinyl stickers with permanent adhesive designed to fit into Keystone 18650 battery sled apertures although they can be used anywhere that you need to clearly show the orientation of a battery.

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MM BuzzBox PWM Mod (3*21700)


MM BuzzBox 3*21700 PWM Mod

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Introducing the MM BuzzBox

This mod is old school. It's 50mm * 50mm * 110mm so not small but it is about as small as a mod can be that has 3 * 21700 batteries in it. These aren't for everybody, in fact, I don't want to sell them to anybody. I will need to have spoken to you and be comfortable selling it to you as there is no protection in a mod like this and unless is is respected and a good understanding of why it would be a bad idea to run this with a 0.1 ohm build in a mod like this, which is why I have written this disclaimer. It's harsh but it is what is it.

If you agree to the dislaimer, message me and lets get to know each other and I'll see if I can help.


The mod is powerful. 3 batteries in series is a lot of voltage. There is absolutely no reason to use a build below 0.3 ohms and even that low is not needed. If you think you can put a really low build that you'd use on a single battery mech on this mod, this mod might not be for you.

You may be able to turn the dial down but it still delivers full voltage in pulses so building really low will still pull high current from the batteries.

When you get up around the 30A range, not only are you stressing batteries, you are stressing the circuit, wires, solder joints and battery connections and things can start to melt. There's no need as the voltage is 3 times higher and your batteries will be a lot happier building higher. Hopefully you understand.

Just because this mod is big, heavy and looks tough, it isn't. It's a delicate mod that will perform perfectly if looked after and used with respect.

If things go wrong due to misuse and it needs to be fixed, there will be a charge because it takes too long to make to be able to do any quick fixes. So this mod doesn;t come with a warranty unless it's a fault with the mod and it hasn't been misused.

In order to own one of these, I need to know you are capable of understanding all of these things above so let's talk.

If I know you accept all of these conditions and believe you aren't that guy who wanted to try vaping at 1000w then this could possibly be a good fit and I'll consider selling to you.

I can tell you that firing at 100% on any coil you will be able to build will result in either your coil melting and/or your cotton and juice igniting. Try it once if you need to get it out of your system but not with a sub 0.3 coil. I've been using mine for weeks now with a single 0.3 coil at about 15% and it performs perfectly. It's like using a mech with a fresh battery that lasts over 3 days.

Even 0.3 is low for this. Anyone can build low, the skill is in building higher so you can take advantage of the voltage a mod like this offers.

You can run your batteries down to 3V each without stressing them so their life will be substantially longer and you'll get much more time before recharging. The voltage button will show you the combined battery voltage so recharge when or before it reaches 9v to keep your batteries happy.

There are no safety features on this mod to stop you doing low builds or protect your batteries so understanding and respect is the safety feature required for me to consider you to own one of these.

As I've indicated and hopefully made obvious, I am not looking to sell lots of these, it was a labour of love to make a mod I'm proud of, thats big enough to take silly fun massive atomisers but also usable day in day out for a sensible vape. I even designed the PWM PCB with this mod in mind with what I think are improvements to more basic PWM designs. The main one being that this mod has no idle drain. The only time it draws power is when buttons are pressed so leaving batteries in this mod won't run them down. Also using a remote NFet the circuit doesn't see any high current so there shouldn't be any problems with the PCB.

If all of that hasn't put you off, message me on the socials and let's chat and see if I'm happy to supply you with a MM BuzzBox. I'd like to see these being used in the right hands even if it sounds like I don't. Hopefully this is you.

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