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MM ClickFet v1

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ClickFet v1 is an un-regulated board for use with up to 4.2v battery configurations and designed to fit in the smallest space possible.

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MM510 V1 (Squonker)


The original strong spring leak resistant 510.

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Designed by us, we are pleased to bring you the MM510 V1 squonker connector.
The first 510 on the market that is leak proof contains strongest spring of any 510 on the market giving superior conductivity.

We have listened to user feedback for a long time now and have worked to try to resolve some issues with current 510 designs.
We welcome your feedback and will continue to tweak the design based on user feedback so let us know what you think.

Changes to Revision 4:

  • We have added a tiny groove into the atty side of the insulator that takes the supplied tiny o-ring. This is to stop juice ingress between the insulator and the body threads.

MM510 Features:

  • Glass filled peek insulator. This material can take some serious heat.
  • Wave spring. A stiffer spring for a better connection.
  • Typical spring pressure of 2.7kg (27N)
  • Oring / gasket embedded into the positive pin to eliminate leakage.
  • Oring embedded into the insualtor to eliminate leakage between the insulator and the body threads.
  • Negative solder tab included for non mechanical squonkers.
  • Washer Options. You can choose from 18mm, 22mm, 24mm, 25mm, & 30mm in black aluminium, brass and stainless steel.

The threaded section is m12 (12mm x 1mm) thread. The top plate is 16mm diameter and 0.5mm thick. When you add a washer, the top plate will be 1mm thick. The body of the 510 is made from stainless steel. We did consider making it in other materials but we want these to last and stainless is  the hardest material we could use.

16mm*0.5mm Version:

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MM Silicone Squonk Bottles

MM510 V1 (Squonker)

The original strong spring leak resistant 510.

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